Kerr Whitfield

Dr. G. Kerr Whitfield

Adjunct Teacher - MYHS

Dr. G. Kerr Whitfield teaches MYHS science at Desert Garden. He recently retired from the University of Arizona College of Medicine—Phoenix where he taught biochemistry and metabolism and directed an eight-week course for second year medical students. Kerr received his Bachelor’s degree in German language and literature from the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill and his doctorate in biochemistry from N.C. State University I Raleigh. After postdoctoral studies at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, he became a member of the research faculty at the University of Arizona biochemistry department in Tucson before transitioning to the new College of Medicine-Phoenix beginning in 2006. He comes from a family of engineers (grandfather, father, two uncles, and his younger son) and is excited about exploring physics and earth science with the students.