Infant Program



Our Infant Program accepts students as young as 6 weeks, and these students remain in the classroom as developmentally appropriate until around the age of 12 months or walking confidently. As the students demonstrate developmental readiness (e.g., sensorimotor, verbal abilities), they visit and eventually transition into the Toddler program. 

Infants by the age of 8 months old at Desert Garden can hold their own bottles, eat finger food at a real table and sit in real chairs. They self-soothe as well. The guides in this room work with them on music appreciation and learning how to do for themselves.

Rather than using walkers, swings, pacifiers and high chairs to pacify and restrict the actions of the infant, the Montessori infant environment (Nido) offers an environment of hands-on, real-life experiences to develop the whole child and maximize the future potential of that human life. Growing in such an environment enables the infant by the age of about one (1) year to move, speak and choose with intention, to act independently of the adult, to put order to the sensory information received and respond using intelligent thought processes, to discriminate among desire, and to function in a social community with respect for others.

Infant Schedule