Four Pillars

Global Education



We believe in imparting the values of entrepreneurship to our students and encouraging them to pursue business ideas that excite them. For example, our Garden Café was started by and is run by our high school students, and profits they make go towards their field study trip in the Spring each year.

Seed Spot Next

Our middle school and high school students participate in a program called Seed Spot Schools each year. This entrepreneurial program guides students in working together in small groups to create socially conscious business ideas and present them to a panel of judges. The winners compete with local schools for monetary awards to go towards building their new businesses. In 2017, Desert Garden students won 1st and 2nd place in the Seed Spot Schools competition.


Elementary, Middle School and High School students all participate in El Mercado each Fall and Spring semester, collaborating and creating products to sell at their own booths to parents, teachers and other students. Going through the process of working together on their own small business.

Cultural events

We deeply value learning about and celebrating cultures around the world at Desert Garden. Cultural events are held at Desert Garden throughout the school year, such as Multicultural Day and individual lessons and presentations in classrooms from families and community members on their cultural heritage.


Leadership is taught as a vital life skill throughout the school, whether in the classroom, in sports or on community service outings. Students are taught essential aspects of leadership such as: integrity, self-discipline, good communication, innovation and a commitment to ongoing growth of oneself. Leadership is built into the Montessori 3-year cycle, so that as students grow in each program, they have the opportunity to practice and implement leadership, mentoring and nurturing skills.

Language program

Spanish is taught as a second language from infant all the way through high school. Every class, every day, receives Spanish lessons and develops Spanish vocabulary and conversational skills. Exposing children to a second language at a young age prepares them for engaging in a world where bilingualism is a necessary skill and learning about and respecting other languages and cultures expands their mind and hearts.


Whether students are working in our garden and greenhouse, caring for our chickens, learning about and designing future sustainable cities, taking field trips to a local urban garden or recycling plant or eating our organic lunch off of stainless steel dishes, our mission of sustainability is present throughout the campus and school day.

National/International travel (field study)

Upper Elementary, Middle School and High School students take an annual Field Study trip each spring to another state or country with their class. This student-planned trip provides an opportunity for experiential learning, individual growth and exploration in a new environment.