Four Pillars

Community Connections


Non-Profit of the year award

In 2016, Desert Garden won the Non-Profit of the Year award from the Ahwatukee Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Ahwatukee Foothills News. We are a proud member of our local community.

Longevity of Staff

The majority of our lead teachers have worked at Desert Garden for over 5 years. In many cases, our lead teachers have been managing their classrooms for 15-20 years. The longevity of our staff members speaks to the close-knit community we have formed that cherishes each staff member’s contributions and celebrates their loyalty to the children and families in their care, the Desert Garden community and the Montessori method overall.

Infant through High School

Desert Garden Montessori is a school community that genuinely celebrates the child’s unique talents and passions – from 6 weeks old to 18 years old. We provide a place where children and families feel like the school is an extension of family, where the school is a connected village of people who care for one another.

Global community

The students of Desert Garden Montessori are immersed at an early age with people from all walks of life. Children are exposed to and experience various ethnic, religious, and cultural differences throughout the school community. Our vision for the students is not only to appreciate other traditions, cultures, and values, but to embrace and celebrate them as well as learn from one another.

Scholarships and tuition assistance

Students who are 5 years and older and in grades K-12 are eligible to receive scholarships through the School Tuition Organization program. Families do not have to be low income to qualify. 84% of our K-12 students receive scholarships and/or tuition assistance.

Desert Garden also offers tuition assistance based on financial need to current and incoming students. Please contact the Admissions Director Karen Hurlbert at for more information.


Desert Garden was a pioneer in challenging the Crib Law with DHS here in Arizona.  Because Montessori best practice encourages the use of floor beds for infants, our administration (with the help of our Middle Schoolers) petitioned DHS to allow the use of floor beds instead of cribs in our Infant room, and we won the case.  Click here to learn more about the benefits of floor beds for infants.