(12 – 15 years)

Our Middle Years & High School Program honors the intellectual, moral, social and physical developmental needs of young adolescents, giving them the standards, guidance and high expectations young people need. The academic curriculum includes a focus on critical thinking and analysis, and features independent research, guest instructors in specialized fields, and internship opportunities.

All subjects are integrated: students will explore topics in social studies, science, geography, writing and literature, mathematics, technology, Spanish, visual and performing arts, practical management including community service, and entrepreneurship.

Because adolescence is a time for answering the question, “Who am I?” an integral part of the program gives practice in exploring self: personal and interpersonal. In an intimate and supportive environment, the students, free of peer pressure, will flourish in deep and safe relationships, with guidance; not left alone to mature in a large and unsupervised crowd.

Learning in the middle years and high school program is grounded in theoretical understanding and moves into very real practice. During the course of their education, students transition fluidly between activities both inside the classroom and out in the community. Additionally, because sports, health, and athletic development are so important for this age group, a comprehensive and coöperative athletic program will be a high priority. Students will practice fine arts as well, with elements of music, visual arts, theater, and creative writing explored throughout the curriculum.

Assessment of progress will be done primarily through student-produced written portfolios, student and mentor feedback, and all forms of media. In addition, the middle years and high school students will be assessed via traditional rubrics, quizzing and standardized testing. Student progress toward mastery of concepts directly informs the teacher’s actions, and the curriculum is driven by performance objectives in keeping with an integration of Arizona State Standards and the original Montessori vision.

Our world craves leaders who are academically capable, socially responsible, creative and generous; leaders who will forge new models for the challenges that await the present and future global village.

Our middle years and high school program prepares students both for college and for future studies at the university level. Through the practices of internal motivation, time management, creative problem-solving, and higher-order reasoning, together with a strong foundation in self-understanding and self-esteem, our young learners will grow into successful adults who become those significant leaders.

In a spirit of joyful challenge, we invite you to join us on the exciting journey of the middle years and high school program.