Shetal Walters

Shetal WaltersExecutive Director

Shetal Walters is the founder and Executive Director / Head of School of Desert Garden Montessori.

Cassie Tolman

Cassie TolmanDirector of Admissions

Cassie Tolman is Desert Garden's Garden Cafe Manager.

Karen Hurlbert

Karen HurlbertDirector of Admissions

Karen Hurlbert has been at Desert Garden since 2006 where she spent a year in the classroom before being recruited for the Administration team.

Kristen Hugins

Kristen HuginsDirector of Development and Human Resources

Kristen Hugins joined the Desert Garden Administration Team in the summer of 2016.

Lexi Henderson

Lexi HendersonDirector of Operations and Events

Lexi Henderson joined Desert Garden Montessori in 2015.

Sonia Jain

Sonia JainDirector of IT and Communications

Sonia Jain joined the Desert Garden Administration Team in 2011.

Lisa Edson

Lisa EdsonFront Desk Manager

Lisa Edson has been at Desert Garden Montessori since 2009, and she has over 38 years of experience working with children.

Sallie Delfino

Sallie DelfinoAdmissions Assistant and Compliance Manager

Sallie Delfino has worked at Desert Garden since 2016.

Mary Navarro

Mary Navarro Life Skills Team Director

Ms. Mary Navarro joined Desert Garden in 2016 as an Upper Elementary Co-Lead Teacher.